Love Letter to Self: An Ode to Audre, Cupid & the Cosmic Orgasm

performed by Erin Anastasia at The Mammal Gallery + Emory University for Critical Juncture:  The Work of Art. video footage by Liliana Bakhtiari.

Love Letters references Audre Lorde's Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power in sound score and theme. The first iteration of this work was performed at The Mammal Gallery August 2016 and has since been part of the conference Critical Juncture: The Work of Art highlighting the intersectionality of race, disability, sexuality and gender. It asks, how can pleasure and sensuality act as primary vehicles for experiencing the world? How are touch and physicality important and necessary in the relationships we have with others and with ourselves...with objects and with ideas? How do shame and uncertainty play a role in our pursuit of eroticism with friends, strangers and ourselves? Where is there room to frame the body and touch as modalities that can uplift beauty and our relationship to ourselves?